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090517 – VB scripting in grasshopper – early tests

mayo 17, 2009

I´m going nuts… rhinoscript, Digital Project/catia with VBA, Melscript, Maxscript and now…. im into a real obsession with scripting in grasshopper. it´s a lot of info, and i dont have the time to get into all. my head hurts, but im still trying to do some stuff into this tricky world of

Some early results, once u get used to all the sintax, u can really fly.currently im into really conventional and boring stuff ( a common diagrid), but wait for more interesting results. (i need an core i7 or phenom II cpu!!!!!! and lots and lots of RAM) … and a quadro VGA




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090515 – maxscript solar tool (WIP)

mayo 15, 2009

currently working in a solar analisis script for 3ds max. basically the script make an analysis of a surface (or a solid) and calculates the solar incidence (the script ask for the resolution /subdivisions of the grid).

thanks to rodrigo culagovski ( , for the help.

i have to work onthe algorithm for the color of the panel. but i think in the next days i will be able to fix it.

more to come…… stay tuned to escripto.