Constructing Numerical Control – Winter Workshop Series 2014 – 2015 HKU – Dlab UAI

enero 21, 2015

20150121 – Video showing the results from Constructing Numerical Control Workshop at The University of Hong Kong. nice experience!


«Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines are everywhere. Since the invention of modern CNC mills at MIT in 1952, engineers motorized different ‘End Effectors” and invented CNC laser cutting,welding, plasma cutting, bending, spinning, punching, gluing, sewing, tape and fiber placement,routing, picking and placing.

Architecture and Design students operate laser cutters with ease every day, yet very few know how CNC technology works or how they could expand their ideas about the creative use of Robotics. Today’s architectural practice is rapidly becoming a field for experimentation not only for the creation of innovative buildings but also for the creation of innovative tools to design and build our creations.

This workshop will be divided in two parts. First it will present the mechanical and electrical theories about every component in a typical 2 axis CNC machine (i.e: a laser cutter) and later it will focus in the methods to generate/program CNC machines expanding their typical use towards more creative/innovative applications in architectural design. Participants (either alone or in groups of two) will then build their own XY axis CNC pen plotter in a hands-on session led by tutors from HKU (Victor Leung) and MIT (Diego Pinochet). Students will also program their machines to make drawings that will be exhibited. Students are encouraged to come up with ideas to modify the machine for other novel applications, such as CNC milling, rotary axis, Interactive fabrication, paint brush etc.»

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