Constructing Numerical Control – Winter Workshop Series 2014 – 2015 HKU – Dlab UAI

enero 21, 2015

20150121 – Video showing the results from Constructing Numerical Control Workshop at The University of Hong Kong. nice experience!


«Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines are everywhere. Since the invention of modern CNC mills at MIT in 1952, engineers motorized different ‘End Effectors” and invented CNC laser cutting,welding, plasma cutting, bending, spinning, punching, gluing, sewing, tape and fiber placement,routing, picking and placing.

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Anuncio publicitario

20141124_WIP_Human Machine Interaction

noviembre 24, 2014

As a part of my thesis at MIT, im working with digital fabrication and artificial intelligence systems. Here a demo of an interaction with a custom cmc machine that i built from scratch.

Here just a sample of the interaction between creator and executor though computer vision and video game engines.


20140316_ an old paper i published many years ago….

marzo 16, 2014

Searching information for my thesis research i found an old paper i published together with Claudio Labarca in 2008. This paper was part of ECAADE 2008 conference «architecture in computro»

its funny to see how my mind has changed a lot from what i thought 6 -7 years ago.

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Draw it! – Leap Motion + DIY Sensing wearables

diciembre 15, 2013


This is my first post in a long time, and of course the first since i arrived at mit.

Finishing my first semester in the SMarchS in design and computation program…. im having a BLAST!!!. MIT is amazing, the people is amazing and the level of discussion is at the highest level.

Here a short video of a final project. programmed in java.

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junio 13, 2013

Me playing with an amazing Kuka robotic arm. calibrating and programming the complex movement for milling. NICE!!!!

131001 – Sonic Touch 2.0

enero 10, 2013


Sound device, based on the drawdio project.

This project was developed together with Carolina Pino and Cristóbal Valenzuela.

The device was fabricated in a Laser Cutter (epilog 36xt) and a vynil cutter (roland camm servo).

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diciembre 27, 2012

portada portfolio

This portfolio, is a small selection of some works and projects since 2006.


120728_having fun: rhpy+M.Cubes+mesh surface relaxation

julio 29, 2012

having fun with rh py



strange unexpected result

120728_METABALLS!!! =Rhpy+M.Cubes

julio 29, 2012

today i woke up and had the idea of playing again with the amazing m cubes algorithm… i thougth a lot of an old question about metaballing. it was imposible for me to script metaball. i just didnt understand the f… thing.

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Synthetic Natures Video

julio 26, 2012

here’s a short video that show the process of designing-making the syn|nat installation.