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acoustic ceiling project – old render stuff (in construction)

enero 29, 2009


Project: acoustic Ceiling

design : D. Pinochet + Arturo Torres + P. Gonzalez

Analisis and design adjusments: Diego Pinochet (early tests) –  Constanza jorquera (final tests)

Exevutive project and Construction: Arturo Torres – Paloma Gonzalez – Constanza Jorquera

This is an old project (january – march 2008 ) , for the PUC. it´s and acoustic ceiling made of plasterboard. the objective of this work , was to develop new possibillities fdor the plasterboard material , according to deformations, specially the double curvature of the each panel. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

090109-some hexatect renders… old stuff

enero 13, 2009


some old renders of the hexatext system.

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090108- the hexatect(hexagon mesh + ecotect) WIP – (Work in progress)- early tests

enero 8, 2009

ecotect despiece

Here are some images of the hexagon system that im working, this is the skin reactive to insolation (radiation expressed in Watts/hr), the script takes the value from excel and asign it to the aperture parameter of each cell of the skin. so far its working great. some images here. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

010609 – working on the assemblage of the parts…

enero 6, 2009


Im working on the new component for the assemblage of the structure. I think this desing it´s much better than a simple triangle… the system still works amazingly good. Lee el resto de esta entrada »