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20141124_WIP_Human Machine Interaction

noviembre 24, 2014

As a part of my thesis at MIT, im working with digital fabrication and artificial intelligence systems. Here a demo of an interaction with a custom cmc machine that i built from scratch.

Here just a sample of the interaction between creator and executor though computer vision and video game engines.


131001 – Sonic Touch 2.0

enero 10, 2013


Sound device, based on the drawdio project.

This project was developed together with Carolina Pino and Cristóbal Valenzuela.

The device was fabricated in a Laser Cutter (epilog 36xt) and a vynil cutter (roland camm servo).

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100331-{Show me the CODE}- on Fire- Surface panelization in python . noob lesson 3

abril 1, 2010

another lesson and code for surface panelization in rhino 5 through python… really fun!!.

so , lets show the code!!!

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100330_{Show me the CODE} – RhinoPYthomata – lesson 2

marzo 30, 2010

The good and old celullar authomata i did in mel and rhinoscript some time ago… based in arturo´s lyon code. i wrote it now in python for rhino 5.

so , show the code!!!!….

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100307_Master Thesis _ part _4

marzo 7, 2010

The last part of the thesis. enjoy.

100307_Master Thesis _ part _3

marzo 7, 2010

The Third part. “español” only… again , im open to visit your countries for presentations, workshops, etc etc, hahaha.

100306_Master Thesis _ part _1

marzo 6, 2010

First part of my thesis (finished in may of 2009).

i hope you enjoy it, sadly it´s only in spanish . i don´t have time for the translation. Maybe in the future, or perhaps if you invite me to present the investigation to your countries, i can get to work in it right now.haha.

click on  the image to go to the document

090515 – maxscript solar tool (WIP)

mayo 15, 2009

currently working in a solar analisis script for 3ds max. basically the script make an analysis of a surface (or a solid) and calculates the solar incidence (the script ask for the resolution /subdivisions of the grid).

thanks to rodrigo culagovski ( , for the help.

i have to work onthe algorithm for the color of the panel. but i think in the next days i will be able to fix it.

more to come…… stay tuned to escripto.




090418 – back to basics 2 – Multi Attractors in Maxscript

abril 18, 2009


the last script, now working with multiple inputs.

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090418 – back to basics – attractors in maxscript

abril 18, 2009


Here is one  simple script written in max script.


— create an empy array named a


— the force (attractor)
ori= $atr.pos

–iteration loop
for i = 1 to 12 do (
for j = 1 to 12 do (

for k = 1 to 12 do (

— create the boxes

a[i][j][k]=box pos:[i,j,k] width:1 length:1 height:1

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