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090427 – acoustic ceiling project

abril 27, 2009


Project: acoustic Ceiling

design : D. Pinochet + “art & science” class :  Arturo Torres + P. Gonzalez

Analisis and design adjusments: Diego Pinochet (early tests) –  Constanza jorquera (final tests)

Executive project and Construction: Arturo Torres – Paloma Gonzalez – Constanza Jorquera

This is an old project (january – march 2008 ) , for the PUC. it´s and acoustic ceiling made of plasterboard. the objective of this work , was to develop new possibillities fdor the plasterboard material , according to deformations, specially the double curvature of the each panel.

published in plataforma arquitectura: link to the article (spanish)



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090427- hexatect (WIP) – Digital Project

abril 27, 2009


Some hexatect (hexagon skin + ecotect analisis) stuff, now in digital project. The information from the txt file (analisis data from ecotect), works really great.


Really like Digital Project/catia, for real parametric design. the scripting replication of parametric componentes in a surface by vba, represent a great tool for customized architecture.

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090426 – Flat Hexagon Skin -digital project

abril 26, 2009


This is the hexagon system i´ve been working since last year, now, scripted and modelled in Digital Project.


All the hexagons are flat.

hexatect in digital project coming soon!!….

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090425- Digital project – parametric surface

abril 26, 2009


This is an exercise made in the Digital Project (gehry technologies) workshop  dictated by arturo Lyon. The exercise was about  modelling a parametric component for it´s replication into a surface by scripted powercopies (vba).

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090418 – back to basics 2 – Multi Attractors in Maxscript

abril 18, 2009


the last script, now working with multiple inputs.

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090418 – back to basics – attractors in maxscript

abril 18, 2009


Here is one  simple script written in max script.


— create an empy array named a


— the force (attractor)
ori= $atr.pos

–iteration loop
for i = 1 to 12 do (
for j = 1 to 12 do (

for k = 1 to 12 do (

— create the boxes

a[i][j][k]=box pos:[i,j,k] width:1 length:1 height:1

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abril 8, 2009


Some pictures of the succesfull opening of the UMBRALES expo.

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900407-Umbrales Expo instalation (mounting)- Santiago Chile

abril 8, 2009


credits :

design :4th year architecture  workshop “ODESUR 2014”

parametric model: Arturo Lyon

scripted fabrication  tools: Diego Pinochet

The instalation was an initiative of the Fadeu (Faculty of architecture, design and urban studies) of the PUC, the project was in charge of the 4th year architecture  workshop “ODESUR 2014” in charge of Claudio Labarca (architect PUC and Master in urban design UCLA), Arturo Lyon(architect PUC and MArch DRL at AA) ,  and  me as the asistant teacher.


The students presented a design proposal that was taken for further parametric development by Arturo Lyon in a parametric modelling software. The model was exported to rhinoceros to extract all the construction and fabrication information to the CNC cutted

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