RHPY – Marching cubes algorithm

mayo 27, 2012

I’m currently working in marching cubes algorithm in python for rhino. the script works flawless after aplying some optimizations.

-right-  1331 voxels model (5 seconds to process)|left - 1331 voxels model with Clatmull clark subdivision-

currently im evaluating voxels with triply periodic minimal surfaces.

still a wip, but it works so nice!.

2197 voxels model (6 seconds)

2197 voxels model (6 seconds)

125000 voxels model – 1.2 minutes.

the good thing about this technique for surface recosntruction, is that you can build any surface acoording to specific values on each point (voxels), now is a minimal surface, but it can be used with kinect , lidar, etc data.


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