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100307_Master Thesis _ part _3

marzo 7, 2010

The Third part. “español” only… again , im open to visit your countries for presentations, workshops, etc etc, hahaha.

100307_Master Thesis _ part _2

marzo 7, 2010

The second part. Click on the image to see the document. again , only in spanish.

100306_Master Thesis _ part _1

marzo 6, 2010

First part of my thesis (finished in may of 2009).

i hope you enjoy it, sadly it´s only in spanish . i don´t have time for the translation. Maybe in the future, or perhaps if you invite me to present the investigation to your countries, i can get to work in it right now.haha.

click on  the image to go to the document

090711-parametric bridge – Thesis Final project-

julio 11, 2009


Some images from my final project for my master degree thesis. its a parametric bridge with a parametric skin – (hexatect). All the project it´s defined by scripting (rhinoscript) and some specific grasshopper definitions ( .

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090517 – VB scripting in grasshopper – early tests

mayo 17, 2009

I´m going nuts… rhinoscript, Digital Project/catia with VBA, Melscript, Maxscript and now…. im into a real obsession with scripting in grasshopper. it´s a lot of info, and i dont have the time to get into all. my head hurts, but im still trying to do some stuff into this tricky world of

Some early results, once u get used to all the sintax, u can really fly.currently im into really conventional and boring stuff ( a common diagrid), but wait for more interesting results. (i need an core i7 or phenom II cpu!!!!!! and lots and lots of RAM) … and a quadro VGA




090515 – maxscript solar tool (WIP)

mayo 15, 2009

currently working in a solar analisis script for 3ds max. basically the script make an analysis of a surface (or a solid) and calculates the solar incidence (the script ask for the resolution /subdivisions of the grid).

thanks to rodrigo culagovski ( , for the help.

i have to work onthe algorithm for the color of the panel. but i think in the next days i will be able to fix it.

more to come…… stay tuned to escripto.




090427 – acoustic ceiling project

abril 27, 2009


Project: acoustic Ceiling

design : D. Pinochet + “art & science” class :  Arturo Torres + P. Gonzalez

Analisis and design adjusments: Diego Pinochet (early tests) –  Constanza jorquera (final tests)

Executive project and Construction: Arturo Torres – Paloma Gonzalez – Constanza Jorquera

This is an old project (january – march 2008 ) , for the PUC. it´s and acoustic ceiling made of plasterboard. the objective of this work , was to develop new possibillities fdor the plasterboard material , according to deformations, specially the double curvature of the each panel.

published in plataforma arquitectura: link to the article (spanish)



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090427- hexatect (WIP) – Digital Project

abril 27, 2009


Some hexatect (hexagon skin + ecotect analisis) stuff, now in digital project. The information from the txt file (analisis data from ecotect), works really great.


Really like Digital Project/catia, for real parametric design. the scripting replication of parametric componentes in a surface by vba, represent a great tool for customized architecture.

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090426 – Flat Hexagon Skin -digital project

abril 26, 2009


This is the hexagon system i´ve been working since last year, now, scripted and modelled in Digital Project.


All the hexagons are flat.

hexatect in digital project coming soon!!….

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090425- Digital project – parametric surface

abril 26, 2009


This is an exercise made in the Digital Project (gehry technologies) workshop  dictated by arturo Lyon. The exercise was about  modelling a parametric component for it´s replication into a surface by scripted powercopies (vba).

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