090427 – acoustic ceiling project

abril 27, 2009


Project: acoustic Ceiling

design : D. Pinochet + “art & science” class :  Arturo Torres + P. Gonzalez

Analisis and design adjusments: Diego Pinochet (early tests) –  Constanza jorquera (final tests)

Executive project and Construction: Arturo Torres – Paloma Gonzalez – Constanza Jorquera

This is an old project (january – march 2008 ) , for the PUC. it´s and acoustic ceiling made of plasterboard. the objective of this work , was to develop new possibillities fdor the plasterboard material , according to deformations, specially the double curvature of the each panel.

published in plataforma arquitectura: link to the article (spanish)



The system for the design, was scripted in rhinoceros and tested in ecotect.The idea was to cut each plasterboard in a cnc router, but the construction team chooose other construction methods.

The project was builded in one of the clasrooms of my university. The construction was in charge of a team guided for the professor Arturo Torres (with the students of the class “art and science), according to a colaboration agreement beteween the university and KNAUFF (www.knauff.cl). Torres and his team, took my design, and began a research for the deformation of each panel , and continued the acoustic analisis for the correct performace of the object. The final form suffer some adjusments for the final construction but basically the idea, and the design itself remains the same (the tools generated in rhinoscript where facilitated to torres and team, to generate construction information).

3 comentarios to “090427 – acoustic ceiling project”

  1. Sebastián Contreras Says:

    Felicitaciones Diego, excelente TU trabajo. Aun cuando otros digan otra cosa.

  2. Tomas Says:

    It realy works?

    It looks more a scultural development than an acustic one, i think that its a very complex solution for a simple problem…its much easer to work with ortografic peaces…so if its work good please tell me…


    • escripto Says:

      actually works really good. acoustic performace was improved. tha main goal of the project was to explore the material in relation to double curved surfaces.

      but answering to your question. works like a charm!!


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