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abril 8, 2009


Some pictures of the succesfull opening of the UMBRALES expo.

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900407-Umbrales Expo instalation (mounting)- Santiago Chile

abril 8, 2009


credits :

design :4th year architecture  workshop “ODESUR 2014”

parametric model: Arturo Lyon

scripted fabrication  tools: Diego Pinochet

The instalation was an initiative of the Fadeu (Faculty of architecture, design and urban studies) of the PUC, the project was in charge of the 4th year architecture  workshop “ODESUR 2014” in charge of Claudio Labarca (architect PUC and Master in urban design UCLA), Arturo Lyon(architect PUC and MArch DRL at AA) ,  and  me as the asistant teacher.


The students presented a design proposal that was taken for further parametric development by Arturo Lyon in a parametric modelling software. The model was exported to rhinoceros to extract all the construction and fabrication information to the CNC cutted

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