hexanet file to factory system

diciembre 30, 2008


here are some images of one of my latest scripts… the script generate an hexagon structure that is generated only by flat components. the script calculate automatically the angles and the notch of every piece according to the initial parameters. its all rhinoscript (about 600 lines of programming), the script generates also the cutting templates for every part of the components (for cnc or laser cutting systems).

This is a new version of one of my early scripts i made for my tesis, and its the structure for the MAB-HS (multi attractor based hexagon skin) and the HEXAtect project (reactive surface by ecotect analisis – images and details soon), that i wrote for my master degree thesis.

here some images (i dont hace much time to post more, sorry. but i will be posting a lot of info and projects and the scripts soon, very soon).

3 comentarios to “hexanet file to factory system”

  1. Tushar Says:

    THIS IS LOOKING SO COOL.. When are you sharing the Scripts SPECIALLY THE ECOTECT ONE. ? Can yo mail me cause its a part of my thesis project.?

    • escripto Says:

      im sorry tushar. but i posted this code once and then i saw the same code in other blog , without the propper credits. this is one example i wont post with the code. but you can see other interesting stuff in the “show me the code section”.


  2. Tushar Says:

    I will make sure that will not use this code other than my academic purpose and there also i will give your reference. I am a student of Nottingham University doing M.Arch In design, Or else can you just tell me how you divide the mesh in hEXAGON MESH.?

    awaiting for your reply.


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