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octubre 14, 2008

From my alternative site, i have posted some student´s work from the class “tecnologias avanzadas en arquitectura” (advanced technologies in architecture), this is a class from the master in architecture program of the Catholic university of Chile. im really happy with the results. the students are using rhino for the modeling (grasshopper , some rhinoscript, paracloud) and they are motivated. The main objective its to produce a full size mockup based on the work on the surface  ( a complex one), producing the milled wood components in the CNC router that we have in the laboratory. then the students do some vacuum forming with HIPS ( high impact polyestyrene) to produce the skin of the surface.

take a look of the work of the class im teaching, i’m the colaborator in that class of the architect Claudio Labarca, coordinator of the digital architecture in the university.

digifab vacuum forming session 2

here, some sample pictures!