080827- the skelletor

agosto 27, 2008

here are some renders and a quick and made model of the las script im working, i named it (for now ) “the skelletor”. because it looks like a human spine_

its a cool project because the tool its oriented to generate a file to factory model. the script generates all the information for plasma or laser cutting, the folding of each component and other pieces.

in the next post i will post the explanation and all the investigation.

some renders in really bad quality (no time for high end production….. for now)

physical model_ made in “FOAMY PVC” , i dont know the international name of the material , but in my country it is called “PVC espumoso”.

6 comentarios to “080827- the skelletor”

  1. Daniel Says:

    hey Diego!
    Nice work… this looks interesting formally, but what is it for? some structural element? or the goal of it is actually the creation of a scripting process aimed at production??

    looking forward to read about the investigations…


  2. escripto Says:

    hi dan , thanks a lot for visitign my blog. actually this is part of the investigation for my thesis , its aiming for the production of complex forms by digital manufacturing and the programming of tools. the goal its to create file to factory processes and probabilistic design systems for architecture.
    its a structural system , i will post soon the aplication in one interesting project. keep on visiting. im working 24/7 to acomplish my schedule. (i want to finish my thesis in late september). then i will post all the codes, files, tools and pictures of my investigation.

    i really like this project , the skelletor because it… it rock. hahaha_ kidding

  3. Hi!

    Very interesting work. I would be especially interested in seeing the scripts etc. Are you working in Rhino script only?
    You have mentioned the creation of compex forms in your comment, but can you justify it a little bit more? What is the purpose of the complex form?

    Good luck on your thesis!


  4. escripto Says:

    about the question aobout the complex form. the thesis takes as the main problem. the aparent dichotomy about digital form an the constructed form. I wrtote about the early digital ecxplorations where everything was posible because it didn´t care (yet) about the materialization. now, with all the power of computation and the new paradigm that has taken place in a bunch of architecture schools around the world (in my country chile the digifab it´s penetrating with a strenght that yiu wouldnt believe) i wrote that now its the time where the manufacturing parameters of a form its redifining what we know commonly as digital architecture. where it doesnt matter the form. it matter the process. the architect (a least i think that in my thesis) becomes more like a META designer ( like the kolarevic´s master builder).
    basically thats the thing about the manufacturing of complex form…. it´s because we can… but that complex form of course has its origin from studies about stochastic search , probabilistic design , performative design , etc.the form derivated from those search, may be or not complex. etc. as soon i finish my thesis ( i hope one month from now) i will upload all the material that i produced.
    sorry for my english i m in a hurry… and cant check the correct spelling of what i wrote.

    thanks for visiting my blog.
    u have a cool website!

  5. Michal Piasecki Says:

    Thanks for the answer! I’m looking forward to see your whole thesis. Are you writing in english or spainsh (I hope in english)?

    Your point about the being concerned with the actualization is very true right now. I was asking about the complex form becuase I’m bothered by the fact that some of the most well known schools in the world seem to mass produce it just for the sake of it. But the research into the potentials of fabrication is very necessary.

    What you’re saying about the digital fabrication is very interesting indeed. It’s not that ubiquitous in Eastern part of Europe (where I come from) yet.

    Looking forward to see all the stuff here when you finish. Remember to sleep a bit through this month:) good luck!

  6. escripto Says:

    my thesis is written all in spanish, but i will try to upload some fragments in english. thanks again !!


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