080630_MAB-FPS (multi attractor based flat panel skin)

julio 1, 2008

This is the next step in the exploration of the constructions of complex forms designed through digital software. this is the reactive skin that interact with a series of attractors according to orientations, light, program , etc.

here is an example for a skyscraper designed with this tool_ it looks cool_

4 comentarios to “080630_MAB-FPS (multi attractor based flat panel skin)”

  1. Very interesting script (rhinoscript or grasshopper tool?)
    Remind me Stylianos Dristas – “light sensitive skin” research
    You can find it at:

  2. escripto Says:

    Hi , its all rhinoscriot , i haven’t tried yet the grasshopper tool. the work of stylianos is really amazing!!!. i wrote this to get the light input from the ECOTECT analysis, the final code for that its almot done. the code for the MAB-FPS works with points as attractors. ill post the code for this soon. and also the code for the ribber.

  3. Hi this is an awsome script y currenty working on a similar project if its posible i would like to know how did you transfer the lightinng data from ecotect to rhino and also if it this data was taken from an incident solar radiation study any information would be very appreciated. thanks

  4. […] + ecotect) WIP – (Work in progress)- early tests 090517 – VB scripting in grasshopper – early tests080630_MAB-FPS (multi attractor based flat panel skin)090418 – back to basics 2 – Multi Attractors in Maxscripthoneycomb mesh – malla […]


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