080519- Stochastic pavillions – in progress

mayo 19, 2008

Stochastic, from the Greek “Στόχος” which means “aim, guess”, means of, relating to, or characterized by

conjecture and randomness.

A stochastic process is one whose behavior is non-deterministic in that a state does not fully determine its next state.

souorce (wikipedia.org)

this is a project that im working in for the last few days. its a series of pavillions that are based in 3 diferent functions written in RVB (rhinoscript).

The first function generates the form based on a path, and a series of attratctors that deform de pavillion according to the distance from the path to the attractor.

The second one generates the random structure.

The third generates the pipes, when the use

r can enter the diameter of the structure components.

Im working my ass off to finish this by the end of the week to make the first prototypes for my thesis. The work will focus in the writting of the code that will generate all the components for cnc cutting.



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